Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Barack H. Obama - New President for the U.S. - New Energy Ideas as Well?

We've turned a new chapter in U.S. (and World) history today. Barack Obama was sworn in and became our new President. He's going to be hitting the ground running--because he's inheriting a mess. An overseas conflict (aka "war"), economic crisis (not only on wall-street, but in the roads and streets of the U.S., where unemployment, closing businesses, and foreclosures are almost at every corner.

And, we have a looming energy crisis. Petroleum is a NON-RENEWABLE resource. What is going to be the future policy of the United States? The U.S. auto makers have been making bad decisions and judgement lapses for decades. Some, they accepted. Note--the demise of the "Studebaker" brand, or the "Edsel", and some of the other more obscure names. Many of the auto makers merged to form large conglomerates-- like Chrysler, Plymouth, and Dodge (and Jeep) and Ford, Mercury, and Lincoln (and Range Rover, Jaquar, and ...). Now there are talks about "spinning off" "unprofitable" brands. How about just retraining the auto workers to use their metal-working and manufacturing skills to build solar panels, solar containment devices, and so on?

Well... just some weird ideas... the coffee is kicking in... I've been watching the Inauguration Festivities all day. But I'm looking foward to our country's new directions in Energy Conservation and Alternate Energy Production Methods.

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  1. President Kennedy set a goal of putting a man on the moon, and we did it in about 8 years (1969). President Carter had the foresight to set a goal over 30 years ago for energy independence. We could have, we should have been able to accomplish that. Finally once again, we have a president capable of leading us there.