Friday, January 2, 2009

Back in the U.S. ... Found All Sorts of Interesting Energy Info When Out of the Country

Just got back from an almost month-long trip to Hong Kong and the Philippines. Although the trip was mostly for a holiday vacation to see relatives (birthday party and family reunion), I kept my eyes open for energy-related goodies for this blog.

While in Hong Kong, I saw a building near Hong Kong Island's Central District that had a windmill on its roof. Cool.

Also while in Hong Kong, I noticed that the taxis are all using Liquid Propane Gas--they have the big tanks behind the backseat and accessable from the trunk. (These are mostly modified Toyota Crowns.)

In the South China Morning Post, it was reported that the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology announced a plan to put 30,000 "clean-energy" vehicles on the roads of 10 Chinese cities by 2012. This includes 5,000 hybrid buses, 20,000 hybrid taxis, and 5,000 other hybrid vehicles. The project is slated to save more than 780 million liters of fuel and will also avoid generating 2.3 million tons of carbon dioxide.

In the Philippines, saw a windmill along the Northern Luzon Expressway (NLEX) near the Mexico Offramp.

Then, just north of Manila off the NLEX, I glimpsed a Solar Water Heater on the roof of a home near the expressway.

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