Monday, February 16, 2009

More Alternate Energy News Coming from India

Using Solar Reflective Concentrator for Cooking
Using Solar Reflective Concentrator for Cooking
Su, Keren
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The Times of India had an article that the India Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has expanded its Village Energy Security Project (VESP) to deploy solar devices to meet the energy needs for cooking, electricity, and transportation power through solar, renewable energy technologies, and biomass conversion technologies. This year, they are starting to deploy 25,000 solar cookers to villages and hamlets. An annual report filed by the Ministry for 2007-2008 stated that over 608,500 box-type solar cookers and about 8,000 dish solar cookers were deployed during 2006-2007. They are also planning on deploying solar water heaters, some of which might be manufactured by Solkar Solar Industry, Ltd--an alternate energy company based in India.

Solar box-type cookers and a solar mirror-concentrator-type cooker.


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