Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tesla and NUMMI - New Manufacturing! Great News!

News just came in that the old GM-Toyota NUMMI plant in Fremont, California, will be reopening as a manufacturing plant for Tesla Motors to produce the electric cars. Tesla is inspiring potential buyers around the world with demonstrations of their cars. In more ways than one--this is GREAT news! Not only will these non-oil-burning cars be made in higher numbers and with great efficiency (the factory is already set up to manufacture vehicles--so restructuring it and remachining it to make the electric cars won't be a major overhaul), but this will be a boost for employment in our area as well. When the NUMMI closed a few months ago, thousands of workers were dumped on the streets--not to mention the workers for the supporting industries. But now, those jobs will be filled again--so it will lessen the economic disaster our state has been experiencing.

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